February 15

How To Find The Right Size
Miraclesuit For You

We get a lot of questions about the fit of Miraclesuit. Questions like "do Miraclesuits run true to size?" and “what’s the best Miraclesuit for my shape?” We know that getting the right fit for your first Miraclesuit is important, and sometimes it can be a little confusing. If you’re used to the normal every day swimsuit, then getting your first Miraclesuit can be a little bit different, but those differences are a good thing. These shaping swimsuits are designed to be snug but comfortable, and that can be a bit new for anyone who has not had a shaping swimsuit like a Miraclesuit before. That’s why we put together this little guide to help you find the right Miraclesuit for you.

One of the first things to think about when trying to find the right fitting Miraclesuit is to find out what your shape is. Miraclesuit has a ton of slimming swimsuits that are made to fit and flatter your figure, no matter what shape you fit the best. And we believe that all types of figures and shapes are gorgeous, and that these categories are made to help you find a comfortable and beautiful fit that shows off your figure in all the right ways. Below we’ll go through each figure shape, and we’ll have an example of a swimsuit that will look great on you.


This classic shape seems to be the most popular and preferred amongst women, but it is by no means the only desirable shape. Hourglass shapes tend to have a fuller chest and a smaller waist, with both upper and lower halves in proportion to one another. If this shape describes you then one piece swimsuits will work best to show off your amazing curves, but you can pull off a lot of different looks if you want. Look for swimwear with an underwire bra or a halter top. Avoid wearing mix-matched tops and bottoms as well as bandeau and strapless styles, as they can make you look lees proportional.

A great swimsuit for you might be the Miraclesuit Solid Gandolf One Piece Swimsuit. This amazing one piece swimsuit is one that you can fall fast in love with, as it graces your curves to perfection. Embody true glam in a sleek design that supports and lifts where needed, emphasizing your figure in all the right ways. Sophisticated draping and shirring clings to your curves while shaping and toning. Extra wide straps provide all-day comfort and support as the low scoop back highlights all your best features. An underwire molded cup bra paired with a striking scalloped neckline tops this look off, giving you surprisingly comfortable support all day long. The Gandolf is a perfect solid one piece to emphasize an hourglass figure.


Triangle shapes hold a majority of the weight in their hips and thighs, making them appear much wider on their lower half than the upper. Narrow shoulders and a slim, defined waist may be properly balanced by bolder prints towards the neckline and décolletage. Halter top styles with molded cups give the look of a fuller bust; this will help create balance throughout your figure. A plunging v-neckline can be a fun and daring way to draw attention away from your lower half and emphasize the bust, evening out your figure.

The Magicsuit Leopard Aubrey is a great swimsuit for women with a triangle shape figure. The gorgeous leopard pattern adds weight and intrigue to your top half, helping you balance out your entire figure. A solid black bottom downplays your hips and backside. An underwire molded cup bra helps support and gracefully lift to add even more to your upper body. Find a new sense of swim glam today!

Inverted Triangle

People with an inverted triangle figure have shoulders and busts that are wider than the hips, often making their shape appear larger at the top. Add some extra character and stature in the thigh area by choosing a brightly colored bottom or print pattern one piece swimsuit. Halter tankini tops and mismatched bottoms will create a more proportional look as well, giving you another option. Steer clear of bandeaus or strapless styles as they tend to draw more attention towards the bust and neckline, which is not the most optimal thing for this shape.

The Solid Bianca One Piece Swimsuit from our sister brand Magicsuit is a great swimsuit for women with an inverted triangle shape figure. This swimsuit is draped in a flowing design, kind of like a romper, made to add more to your hips, backside, and lower body, while a deep v-neckline emphasizes your bust in all the right ways. The Bianca is an eye-catching design that is sure to add confidence to your swim look and draw all the attention you want this swim season.


This body type is usually seen as the athletic type and consists of a long torso, slim chest and a straight up and down-like figure. To look your best go for bold colors, sexy ruffles, unique prints and color blocked suits to give the appearance of a more defined waistline and desired curves. Plunging necklines enhance the bust and bottom, streamlining your figure and showcasing an accentuated silhouette. Adding curves is the way to go if you want a more feminine and balanced look with this body shape.

And with a rectangle figure, the Miraclesuit Spectra Trilogy One Piece Swimsuit is a great way to give yourself the look that you want. Add some instant curves top to bottom with this one piece with a gorgeous colorblock pattern that draws all the attention to the center. A gorgeous deep v-neckline helps accentuate the bust in all the right ways while tummy control fabric sucks you in. You’ll look gorgeous all day long in this stunner of a one piece, perfect for someone looking to add some curves to their swim look.


A rounded, or apple-shaped body, has a fuller chest and less of a waist. One of the best fit tips for this body type is to accentuate your best features by drawing more attention to your legs and lower half of your body. Find a bathing suit that gives you bra-like support with underwire or molded cups so you can stay comfortable and supported. Thick straps will make your shoulders appear smaller and provide more support. Swimsuits with gathered fabric around the waist give a flattering divide between the chest and hips. High cut bottoms will show off your legs, but it’s best to avoid busy, bright colors as they create an unwanted illusion of bulk in the thighs.

A swimsuit perfect for this shape is the Miraclesuit Network Mystique One Piece Swimsuit. This amazing one piece is made to slim and shape all over thanks to strategic shirring, mesh fabric placement and gorgeous tummy control. A shapely sweetheart neckline accents your bust and leads to unique torso-wrapping to please every wandering eye. The Mystique helps keep everything in line from top to bottom, so you can get the shapely look you want with all the control that you need!

Check out our fit guide for more tips and tricks to find the right Miraclesuit for you. Miraclesuits usually run true to size, but the right fit is more than just a number. We have a variety of swimsuits made to fit all body types, including plus size and D-Cup swimwear too! Also our customer service line is always here to help with any fit questions that you may have. Getting a swimsuit that fits you well is a surefire way to look great and build confidence in your swimwear look this swim season.