March 28

The Surprising Evolution of the Tankini

Tankini tops have come a long way since their invention in the late 1980's. They are versatile and beautiful swimsuits, made to provide all the coverage of a one piece with all the comfort and functionality of a two piece swimsuit. Designed to be an alternative to the bikini, the tankini is a popular style for a reason. However, throughout the years, they have received a reputation for being a little frumpy and unflattering.

Recently though, the tankini has seen a revival and lots of big style improvements. Miraclesuit and Magicsuit brands are on the cutting edge of style when it comes to tankini tops for women. Known for our slimming swimsuits, these gorgeous tankini swimwear styles are no exception, and they buck the old tankini trends. A tankini is now a great option for women who are uncomfortable with wearing a bikini but still want to rock a two piece look. You can get all the versatility and breathability without sacrificing style and fashion. 

There are plenty of reasons why you should try tankini this swim season.   If you have a larger bust, there are incredible tankinis made to comfortably lift and support and keep you looking your best. With soft cup bras, underwire support, and easy bra size solutions, these slimming tops are the perfect swimsuit for women with larger busts. Another great option is the plus size tankini top, made to fit women of all sizes, and taller women can enjoy the coverage of a one piece without the uncomfortable riding up feeling. Swimsuit shopping can be a challenge, but with these tankini tops for women from Miraclesuit, your options are almost endless.

On top of all the amazing fit options, tankinis have also upped their style game in the past few years, and Miraclesuit, the leader in slimming swimsuits, is the company to thank for these innovations. These aren't your basic swim tops anymore. With a lot of gorgeous patterns available including florals, animal prints, and color-blocking, you can create a look that is all your own. These gorgeous patterns help you stay up to date with swimsuit trends, or you can always get a gorgeous tankini in a classic solid, that will always be in style. These tops have made the jump to timeless, and there's no better time to try out one of these tops than now.

In addition to the gorgeous color and pattern choices, Miraclesuit has spiced up the tankini top swimwear by adding amazing fabric details. The layered look is in right now, and there are tons of incredible styles that will give you a delicate and gorgeous look. Beautifully flowing fabric gives you an elegant silhouette that conceals any perceived flaws and draws attention to your entire look. Different fabric detailing like knots and ties can draw attention to your best assets, and give your figure a gorgeous emphasis. Cinch up loose fabric at the waist to instantly give yourself an hourglass figure. If you're looking for an instantly slim swimwear look, these tankini tops give you all the stylish options you could ask for.

Clearly, the tankini has come a long way from its blasé and utilitarian beginnings, and it is turning into a flattering swimsuit style that comes in a wide variety of gorgeous variations. Don't forget to complete the look with one of our tummy control high-waisted swim bottoms.

Once made to give women more coverage, the tankini is now a statement piece that will keep up with any beach activity.