February 21

The Best Swimsuits for Older Women from Miraclesuit

As you get older, it can be a challenge to find a swimsuit that truly works for you. Swimsuit shopping can be a daunting thing, and it sometimes gets even more daunting as you age. Insecurities crop up more and more, and while we believe every woman is beautiful as they are, it's natural to feel self-conscious about new lines and wrinkles as you get older. And let's face it, swimsuit shopping is young woman’s game. Swimsuits are more revealing and they aren't made to provide a snug and secure fit. That's why Miraclesuit has a line of swimsuits for older women, made to fit and flatter you no matter your age or your figure.

You deserve to have a swimsuit that fits and flatters your figure and your fashion sense. And when you get older, it's time to get exactly what you want. You don't have time for skimpy, poorly-fitted swimsuits. Years of life experiences and hard work should be rewarded with a relaxing retirement full of tropical vacations, serene cruises, and the perfect swimsuit wardrobe to go with it all. And that swimwear for older women exactly what Miraclesuit gives you.

At Miraclesuit, we pair gorgeous fashion with amazing shaping for a one piece tummy control swimsuit that not only fits well, but looks even better. Miraclesuit swimwear is a perfect swimwear solution, so that is why we put together this list of our best swimsuits for older women. All of these classic Miraclesuit one piece swimsuits are a perfect choice to help slim your figure and look fabulous. Read on to find your new favorite swimsuit to wear to your next pool party, beach vacation, or luxury cruise. Let the world be your oyster, and get the perfect swimsuit for years of jet setting and relaxing.

Miraclesuit Solid Oceanus One Piece Swimsuit

First up on the list, we have a classic, the Miraclesuit Solid Oceanus One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece is a staple in our yearly releases for a reason: it's a gorgeous and functional swimsuit, and the quintessential one piece swimsuit. This stunning solid is perfect for all occasions, whether it's a swim soiree or relaxing time on the beach. A plunging v-neckline and low scoop back give some room for spunk, while remaining subtle and flattering. Fixed straps provide a secure fit, and a soft cup bra adds just the right amount of comfortable support. The Miraclesuit Oceanus is a great way for anyone looking for a new look to get the perfect swimwear package for older women.

Miraclesuit Illusionist Circle One Piece Swimsuit

Next up on the list is the Illusionist Circle One Piece Swimsuit from the Miraclesuit swimwear line. This swimsuit oozes elegance in a solid black with playful mesh cutouts to add some extra spunk. A tasteful v-neckline does wonders to accentuate the bust. Gorgeous tummy control fabric layers meet at the hip in an eye-catching tie detail that helps whittle the waist, giving you an instant hourglass figure. Fixed straps give you a fit that you can depends on, and a soft cup bra provides comfortable support without hassle or adjusting. The Illusionist Circle one piece is the perfect addition to the Miraclesuit lineup, and it will make for a great addition to your swimwear wardrobe. Perfect for the beach and the pool, this one piece swimsuit is sure to be a favorite.

Miraclesuit Rock Solid Twister One Piece Swimsuit

Next up we have theMiraclesuit Rock Solid Twister One Piece Swimsuit. Coming in hot with exceptional style with ease, this swimsuit fits like a glove as its signature wrapped style accentuates your shape from top to bottom. Evoke classic swim vibes with a gorgeous v-neckline and thicker, fixed shoulder straps that help support and lift, giving you a comfortable secure fit. A gorgeous twist detail at the center acts as the focal point, drawing all the eyes and creating and instant hourglass figure. This new addition to the Miraclesuit lineup is sure to draw every eye this swim season, leaving you feeling confident and looking amazing. Spice up your swimwear wardrobe with this stunning one piece.

Miraclesuit Solid Escape One Piece Swimsuit

Next on the list in another one of the Miraclesuit staples, the Solid Escape One Piece Swimsuit. This visually stunning piece sets you straight in an instant and gets you ready to drop jaws at the beach. The main feature of the Escape is the uniquely scalloped neckline that tastefully accentuates the bust, adding instant curves. Elegant side shirring minimizes the waist and offers tummy control so that you get the sleek look that you want. Fixed straps offer a comfortable and secure fit no matter what the beach day brings. And if you have a larger bust, this swimsuit offers an underwire molded cup bra made for impeccable support. The Escape one piece is a real stunner, made to draw every eye, and it is perfect addition to the list of swimsuit for older women from Miraclesuit.

Magicsuit Modern Romance Natalie One Piece Swimsuit

Coming up on the list is a gorgeous one piece from Magicsuit, the Magicsuit Modern Romance Natalie One Piece Swimsuit. Magicsuit is known for a lighter shaping fit, so if that is your thing, you should check out more of their offerings. The Natalie features a beautiful floral print pattern that brings out your inner beauty and is very on trend right now. A gorgeous sweetheart neckline helps to tastefully maximize the bust, while a full straight back adds comfortable support for a swimsuit that fits as great as it look. Topping this swimsuit off are gorgeous fixed straps with cute cap sleeves that accentuate the shoulders and help you look cute. This one piece swimsuit is a perfect addition to any swimwear wardrobe. Change up your look with some vibrant florals, and radiate beauty on the beach.

Miraclesuit Rock Solid Revele One Piece Swimsuit

Going back to Miraclesuit for this entry on the list, we have the Miraclesuit Rock Solid Revele One Piece Swimsuit. This stunning one piece is wrapped to perfection as a v-neckline offsets thicker, fixed shoulder straps leading to a mid-scoop back for amazing comfort and support. Front shirring and draping do wonders for your figure, slimming every curve, instantly creating an hourglass figure. Miraclesuit's quality tummy control fabric keeps you trimmed and confident. The Revele is ready to take you from the beach to the pool side bar effortlessly, keeping you looking fabulous. Take your look to the next level with this sophisticated one piece swimsuit.

Miraclesuit Solid Sanibel One Piece Swimsuit

Next up on the list, is another classic from Miraclesuit, the Solid Sanibel One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece is sensibly shirred from bust to waist to showcase a slimmer silhouette. Thicker and adjustable shoulder straps lead to a mid-scoop back for the ultimate in secure fit and coverage. The statement piece of this swimsuit is the sweetheart neckline, made to tastefully accentuate your bust. An underwire bra helps give you amazing lift and support, all while staying comfortable all day long. Shaping, tummy control fabric helps to smooth out the look, while sensible shirring adds curves in all the right places. You really cannot beat this magnificent one piece swimsuit. Whether you're looking for a new favorite swimsuit or something to add to your rotation, the Sanibel is the one for you.

Miraclesuit New Sensations Madero One Piece Swimsuit

Next, we have the Miraclesuit New Sensations Madero One Piece Swimsuit, a gorgeous one piece swimsuit that oozes style and grace. The focus stays on you as thicker, adjustable shoulder straps lead to a classic v-neckline for the perfect fit and flattery. This swimsuit sets itself apart with pronounced shirring and peek-a-boo mesh detailing that extends across the waist and hips providing a slimming fit with a flirty touch. Get all over tummy control and just the right amount of sexy. A hidden underwire bra and scoop back work overtime to give you all the support and comfort you could want in a bathing suit. This one piece has it all, allowing you to look great and feel even better.

Miraclesuit Solid Crossover One Piece Swimsuit

Take a peek at the next on the list. It’s the Miraclesuit Solid Crossover One Piece Swimsuit, and it's here to help you look and feel your best. The Crossover is a one of a kind swimsuit, featuring flirty peek-a-boo mesh inserts that draw all the attention. This fashionable one piece also boasts amazing tummy control thanks to our special shaping fabric blend. Draping and shirring work to hide any flaws and give you an instantly shapely figure, while thicker, fixed shoulder straps keep your fit secure and comfortable. Get all the support you desire with a soft cup bra insert that is made to stay comfortable and gorgeous all day long. This one piece swimsuit will surely be a new favorite in your swimwear wardrobe.

Miraclesuit Illusionist Azura One Piece Swimsuit

Last but not least, we have the Miraclesuit Illusionist Azura One Piece Swimsuit, a glamorous swimsuit like nothing else on this list. If you want to take things up a notch, this one piece is for you. The Azura boasts a stunning asymmetrical neckline that draws every eye. Mesh details add just a touch of flirty style, while and overlay of super soft fabric crosses the bust and leads to side shirring and slim bottom. A mesh bra with underwire insert keeps the bust in place and comfortably supported as fixed shoulder straps meet at a supportive full straight back, so you can feel snug and secure all day long. This modern design will help you stand out at your next swim occasion.

So as you can see, Miraclesuit has plenty of options when it comes to swimsuits for older women. No matter your age, you deserve to look and feel great in a swimsuit that feels like it is made for you. Our line of tummy control one piece swimsuits are the perfect thing to help you feel and look great. They're perfect for anything a relaxing cruise, pool party, or day at the beach can throw at you. So if you're worried about swimsuit shopping as you get older, fear not because Miraclesuit will always have flattering swimwear options, made with all women in mind.