February 08

How to Find the Right
Tankini Top for You

Tankini tops are a great way to flaunt a unique two piece swimwear look without revealing more skin than you're comfortable with. If you're looking for a stylish way to turn heads this summer, a new tankini might be just the thing you're looking for.

One size does not fit all. And close enough doesn't cut it. There are many ways to describe a woman's body type, but for the sake of simplicity, we are going to use common problems when it comes to finding the right swimsuit fit. We will cover what to buy if you have a smaller bust, a larger bust, tummy troubles, a longer torso, or a shorter torso. Follow these tips to find the right tankini top for you.

Flattering a Small Bust

If you have a smaller bust you can realistically wear almost anything. But if you're looking to enhance your bust, you'll want to look for a swimsuit with some detailing on top. Miraclesuit's collection of tankini tops for women has a ton of great ruffled tops to choose from, and the best part, these styles are always on-trend. Another great option would be a bandeau top as these draw all the attention to the shoulders and upper body.

Supporting a Large Bust

When it comes to finding a tankini top the main thing women with large busts should be looking for is support. Full coverage and underwire inserts will give you the comfortable lift and support that you need. Gorgeous halter tops and thicker shoulder straps will also give you added support and lift. V-necklines can be a little challenging, but if you really want to show off a little, go with a sweetheart neckline that holds everything in place and gives you a tastefully sexy and feminine look. So meet your perfect-match slimming tankini tops at Miraclesuit.

Taming those Tummy Troubles

If you're looking for something to slim your tummy, a slimming tankini top can work wonders. You'll want to look for a tankini with eye-catching patterning or color blocked style. These will catch the eye, and draw attention to your entire figure and not just your tummy. Another solution is fabric ruching and layering, made to camouflage the tummy and slim your figure to perfection. What makes us so sure you'll find the perfect tankini top here? Miraclesuit offers over 130 flattering styles of tankini tops. We have choices in all sizes and for all body shapes. 

Flattering your Hips and Waist

When looking to slim your hips, many people will reach for a one piece swimsuit, but there are ways you can get that slim silhouette with a comfortable tankini. You'll want to look for a tankini top with a range of features like a longer length, a looser cut, and generous, flowing fabric. Think closer to a swim dress. These styles can be harder to find, but luckily, Miraclesuit has a few great styles that will really add a graceful pizzazz to any slimming tankini swimwear look. 

Tankinis can be a great swimwear fit solution for a lot of different figures.  With so many possibilities, it's just a matter of choice. And don't forget to pair any one of these slimming tankini tops with a high-waisted swim bottom to create the best slimming two piece swimsuit look.

Miraclesuit tankinis are a great way to find a new look this swim season that you can rock all summer long. Perfect for any occasion, these swimsuits will keep you looking great whether you're strolling down the beach or splashing in the waves. Get a great new two piece swimsuit look today!