May 2nd

Discover the Best Swimsuit Trends for Plus-Size Women in 2024

Navigating the swimwear world as a plus-size individual can feel daunting and discouraging at times. However, there has been a significant shift in the fashion industry in recent years, with more brands embracing inclusivity and body positivity. This shift has led to the introduction of stylish and supportive swimsuits specifically designed for plus-size women, allowing them to embrace the beach or poolside experience with confidence. Finding quality plus-size swimwear that is both cute and modern can be challenging, but in 2024, we depart from the dull, outdated options of the past. At Miraclesuit, our style and merchandising experts have curated a selection of the best plus-size swimwear, backed by overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Leading the charge for this transformation, our goal is to provide women of diverse shapes and sizes with access to the latest trends, chic designs, and unmatched comfort in their swimwear choices. We'll explore the hottest swimsuit trends for plus-size women in 2024, featuring fashion-forward options that are not only flattering but also supportive. These swimsuits are not only adorable but also perfectly fitted for the season. Let's embrace and uplift each other as we usher in an era of body positivity and genuine self-appreciation, celebrating our unique beauty and individuality with swimsuits that reflect our confidence and style.

From bold colors and eye-catching prints to flattering silhouettes and seamless styles that enhance your curves, there's something for everyone. We'll explore each trend in detail, providing valuable tips and recommendations specifically tailored for plus-size women to incorporate these fashionable looks into their swimwear collection.

It's important to avoid the common pitfall of choosing pieces that don't fit properly or buying swimwear with the hope of fitting into it later. Embrace a swimsuit that fits your body perfectly now—it's the key to feeling confident and looking amazing. Choose styles that celebrate your current shape and embrace your unique beauty.

Woman in a high neck swim suit.
Miraclesuit Plus Size  One Piece Swimsuit

Vibrant Colors for Plus-Size Swimwear: Stand Out with Confidence

This year's swimwear trends celebrate bold colors, empowering plus-size women to showcase their unique style. Explore a spectrum of striking shades, including fiery reds, deep blues, playful pinks, and refreshing greens. 

Embrace this trend by:

  • Choosing monochromatic swimsuits that elongate your silhouette by pairing similar shades.
  • Selecting colors that enhance your skin tone, whether cool tones for lighter complexions or warm tones for darker skin.
  • Mixing and matching different colors and styles to create personalized looks, like pairing a bold tankini top with high-waisted bottom in a complementary hue.
  • Above all, ensure your swimwear makes you feel incredible, as confidence is your ultimate accessory.

Explore Exotic Prints
and Patterns: Unleash Your Style

This season, swimwear designs are unveiling a stunning array of exotic prints and patterns that redefine traditional beach and poolside fashion. From lush tropical florals to bold color blocking prints, there's a captivating choice for every style preference. 

Embrace these captivating designs into your swimwear collection with these tips:

  • Make a statement with bold, large-scale prints on standout pieces like a one-piece swimsuit adorned with oversized palm leaves or striking abstract motifs.
  • Achieve balance and chic sophistication by pairing printed swimwear with solid-colored cover-ups.
  • Infuse your beach look with modern flair by experimenting with swimsuits featuring unique geometric patterns that reimagine classic silhouettes.

When shopping for swimwear, especially online, it's crucial to prioritize your measurements over the listed size on the garment tag. Knowing your measurements ensures a more accurate fit and simplifies the size selection process. Consult our size chart to find the perfect fit for you.

Woman in a magic suit plus size.
Woman wearing tummy tuck bathing suit

Embracing Your
Curves: Flattering Swimwear Trends

In 2024, the latest swimwear trends for plus-size women celebrate flattering silhouettes that beautifully highlight your natural curves. Discover supportive one-piece swimsuits that define your waistline and high-waisted bikinis offering coverage and structure. Explore a diverse range of figure-flattering options, including plus-size swimwear with stylish mesh cutouts, swim dresses, and versatile two-piece sets.

When selecting the perfect swimwear for your body shape:

  • Emphasize your favorite features with designs like plunging necklines to showcase your décolletage or waist-cinching ties to accentuate an hourglass figure.
  • Seek swimsuits with added support, such as underwire and padded cups for fuller busts, or wide straps and tummy-control features for enhanced comfort and hold.
  • Choose adjustable styles like side-tie bikini bottoms and lace-up details for a customizable fit that suits your preferences and provides optimal support.

Dive into 2024 with Confident Style

Plus-size women are no longer limited to outdated or uninspiring swimwear options, as we enter a new era of inclusivity and body positivity. By staying informed of the latest trends, you can update your summer wardrobe with swimwear that not only fits comfortably but also allows you to express your unique style and embrace your natural beauty.

This year, celebrate your curves with bold colors, exotic prints, flattering silhouettes, and seamless designs, as you transport your poolside and beachside experiences to new heights of confidence and fashion-forward elegance. Embrace your individuality and dive into 2024 with plus-size swimsuits from Miraclesuit that make you feel like the most stunning version of yourself, radiating self-assurance and turning heads wherever you go.