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Wear and Care

Please note Miraclesuit® is specially constructed to deliver the finest indesign and function at all times. In order for Miraclesuit® to accomplish this, the fabric is knit with Miratex®, a special circular strength knit. This fabric characteristic blended withLycra® Spandex gives you the silky smooth feel and firm control that's uniquely Miraclesuit®.

All of our suits are chlorine resistant but must be cared for properly to prolong their life.Chlorine, whether wet or dry, causes the Lycra® portion of theMiratex® fabric to break down and fade. With 32%-55%Lycra® Spandex, Miraclesuit® provides better control than other brands of swimwear, but is also more vulnerable to the effects of chlorine.

Please follow these guidelines when caring for your suit.

  • Suntan lotion absorbed by the suit and not washed out can damage the fabric. Please always be careful to keep your Miraclesuit® free from lotions.
  • To remove chlorine,thoroughly hand-rinse your Miraclesuit® in cold water after each use and hang to dry.
  • Do not wash yourMiraclesuit® in a washing machine and do not use a dryer. Do not use Woolite® or other detergents when cleaning yourMiraclesuit®.
  • Whirlpools and spas have a high concentration of chemicals to sanitize the water. Public pool soften exceed normal chlorine levels for health reasons. Regular use of these facilities may cause the fabric of your suit to breakdown more quickly than what is considered to be normal use. We suggest wearing an older Miraclesuit® in the hot tub, and saving your new Miraclesuit® for the beach or pool.