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Finds the swimsuit you’ve been looking for on sale at Miraclesuit’s swimsuit sale. These gorgeous swimsuit styles come with all of the same tummy control power that Miraclesuit is known for. Get all of the slimming and shaping Miraclesuit is known for at a fraction of the price, and rock these amazing swimsuit styles on sale. These swimsuits are made to fit and flatter your figure and keep you looking your best whether you’re splashing in the waves or lounging in the sun. Find these styles on sale before they’re gone. These gorgeous one piece swimsuits and tankinis won’tbe around for much longer.


We have a wide variety of styles on out slimming swimsuit sale. Find gorgeous patterns and classic solids for a look that will draw all the attention. Get the perfect fit with bra sizes and plus sizes available as well, so you can get the swimsuit that perfectly flatters your figure.

  • One Piece Swimsuit Sale: Miraclesuit is known for our amazing tummy control fabric, Miratex, and our slimming one piece swimsuits feature it to perfection. Find some of our best styles on sale now!
  • Plus Size Swimsuit Sale: Shopping for swimwear can be challenging, but not with these gorgeous swimsuits on sale. Find a slimming one piece swimsuit or a gorgeous tankini top, all made to fit and flatter your figure.
  • Bra Sized Swimsuit Sale: If you have a larger bust, then finding a supportive swimsuit can be a real challenge. Thankfully Mircaclesuit has a selection of bra sized swimwear, available in sizes up to a DDD cup to make finding that perfectly supportive swimsuit a sinch. Shop these on sale styles today.

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  1. Magicsuit Solid Janie

    Special Price $125.00 Regular Price $166.00
  2. Miraclesuit Seaglass Oceanus Swimsuit

    Special Price $106.00 Regular Price $162.00
  3. 2018 Miraclesuit Savannah Avanti

    Special Price $126.00 Regular Price $168.00
  4. 2019 Cruise Miraclesuit Prismatix Vim

    Special Price $106.00 Regular Price $162.00
  5. Magicsuit Lanai Nicole Tankini Top

    Special Price $90.00 Regular Price $120.00
  6. Magicsuit Shine On Nicole Top

    Special Price $78.00 Regular Price $124.00
  7. 2018 MSP Grid Lock Side Show

    Special Price $106.00 Regular Price $162.00
  8. 2018 MSP Solid Surf's Up Top

    Special Price $90.00 Regular Price $120.00
  9. Miraclesuit Plus Spot On Wrap

    Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $154.00
  10. 2018 Magicsuit Solid Trinity

    Special Price $78.00 Regular Price $156.00
  11. 2018 Miraclesuit Seaglass It's A Cinch

    Special Price $136.00 Regular Price $178.00
  12. Amoressa M Holly One Piece Swimsuit

    Special Price $144.00 Regular Price $188.00
  13. 2018 Magicsuit A Million Pieces Giselle

    Special Price $144.00 Regular Price $168.00
  14. Miraclesuit DD-Cup Gulf Stream Temptress

    Special Price $144.00 Regular Price $170.00

39 Items

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