Top 10 2020 Swimwear Trends from Miraclesuit

  2020 Swimwear Trends

With the New Year around the corner, it’s time to really start thinking about the new 2020 swimwear trends everyone is going to be talking about. At Miraclesuit, we pride ourselves in being the premier slimming swimwear brand, and to do that we always stay up on the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for a one piece swimsuit with shaping or a fun tankini top, these flattering swimsuits from our 2020 Swimwear Collection are sure to please.

At Miraclesuit, we strive to make swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. As time goes on, it feels like swimwear is getting even more skimpy and revealing. And while this is fine for some women, not everyone wants swimsuits that are so revealing. They want a swimsuit that they can feel comfortable, confident, and secure in, not matter what the day brings. That’s why we make slimming swimsuits that provide comfortable shaping and stay up to date on the latest trends.

Check out this list of ten gorgeous swimwear trends that you will find in our 2020 Swimwear Collection . Each trend has a couple swimsuits associated with it, so if you like what you see, click the link to find that swimsuit and many others in our 2020 swimwear collection.

1) Tie Front Swimsuits

Tie front or knotted detailing is the first trend on the list, and it is a real beauty. This little detail can do wonders for your bust line, giving you a tasteful lift and drawing the eye to the center of your swimsuit. If you have a smaller bust size, or if you’re looking for a functional detail that can help secure the girls, then a swimsuit with a tie front can be just the thing for you.

Check out the Miraclesuit Love Knot Tankini Top . This is one of our staple styles, and we having been including new and updated versions of this style for a while now because it looks great and feel even better. Another swimsuit to check out is the Glimmer One Piece Swimsuit from our sister brand Amoressa. This swimsuit comes with lighter shaping than Miraclesuit, but it also has a more modern style, which is perfect for someone looking for the latest and greatest in swimwear. Shop these styles today!

Miraclesuit Love Knot Tankini Amoressa Glimmer One Piece Swimsuit

2) One Shoulder Swimsuits

Next up is a chic style that we will be seeing a lot more of in the New Year, and that is the one shoulder swimsuit. These swimsuits give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to show off a little bit more skin without revealing too much or sacrificing that secure fit. These types of swimsuits allow anyone to make a bold statement, and they add some pizzazz to your swimwear wardrobe.

Miraclesuit has a couple one shoulder swimsuits in the 2020 Collection. Check out the Goddess One Piece Swimsuit from our sister brand Magicsuit. This one piece features a striking single shoulder strap and a wrap style that is made to slim and accentuate your curves. Another one shoulder style to look out for is the Miraclesuit Jena . Coming in hot with beautiful wrapping and mesh details, this one piece swimsuit gives you amazing shaping and shows off a peek of skin for a flirty yet sophisticated feel.

Magicsuit Goddess One Piece Swimsuit Miraclesuit Network Jena One Piece Swimsuit

3) Retro Styles

There are some style that are just timeless, and a new decade coming won’t change that. Retro styles from Miraclesuit will always be a great way to get a new staple in your swimwear wardrobe. And nothing is more retro than the classic one piece swimsuit. A one piece can do it all, and Miraclesuit one piece is the best when it comes to shaping and slimming.

Some retro styled one piece swimsuits that we bring back time and time again with each new line are the Oceanus and the Sanibel one piece swimsuits. The Oceanus is one of our flagship styles that has been included in line after line. And it’s included for a reason, this swimsuit has everything you need. Amazing shaping, gorgeous wrapping, and a classic v-neckline are all included in this swimsuit. Another staple retro style is the Sanibel one piece swimsuit. This one piece is perfect for supporting a fuller bust, and it is wrapped to perfection with sublime fabric. These retro styles give you classic fashion in a modern package.

2020 Miraclesuit Oceanus One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Miraclesuit Sanibel One Piece Swimsuit

4) Color Block Styles

If you’re looking for a swimsuit trend that is flattering on everyone, then a color-block swimsuit will be just the ticket. Styles with a color block print help to create a slimming illusion by creating and concealing curves where needed. Styles like this do it all, and that is why we’ve included a few color block prints in our 2020 Collection.

The new Prism pattern from our sister brand Magicsuit is a vibrant color block pattern this is available in our Angelina one piece and Justina tankini top. These styles shine in a beautiful striped pattern of pink, purple, teal, blue, black, and orange. The Angelina one piece is a perfect shaping swimsuit made to flatter, while the Justina tankini top is perfect for someone looking for a comfortable two piece with plenty of gorgeous coverage. Either way you can’t go wrong.

2020 Magicsuit Prism Angelina One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Magicsuit Prism Justina Tankini Top

5) Bright Colors

In the New Year, swimwear trends are going to be all about trying to help you stand out, and one of the ways Miraclesuit does this is through bright colored patterns in our 2020 Swimwear Collection. Bright colors and patterns are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and find a look that you wouldn’t normally wear. You will be surprised at what you can pull off.

A lot of the swimsuits in our new 2020 Collection feature bright colors and eye-catching patterns, but some of the best and brightest are the Vesuvio Avanti and the Carnivale Layered Escape, both from Miraclesuit. The Avanti is a beautiful strapless swimsuit that is sure to draw every eye, while the Escape is a classic one piece swimsuit made to slim and shape. They both feature striking geometric patterns that you’ll want to check out. These enticing and vibrant swimsuits are perfect for the New Year.

2020 Miraclesuit Vesuvio Avanti Strapless One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Miraclesuit Canivale Escape One Piece Swimsuit

6) Floral Prints

Another swimwear trend for 2020 that we love is floral prints. These styles are always trendy and that will continue in the New Year. There is no better way to add a touch of femininity to your swimwear than a floral print swimsuit. Beautiful blooms are the way to go in the New Year and Miraclesuit has you covered.

Check out some of our gorgeous floral print swimsuits. We’re featuring the Modern Romance Natalie from our sister brand Magicsuit. This gorgeous one piece swimsuit features a chic floral design with gorgeous ruching for an all over slim figure. Another swimsuit we’re featuring is the Oasis Marcy , also from Magicsuit. These tropical florals pop with vibrant color on a back background that is sure to draw every eye this swim season.

2020 Magicsuit Modern Romance Natalie One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Magicsuit Oasis Marcy One Piece Swimsuit

7) Animal Print

Just like floral prints, animal prints are always in style, and we have a great selection we are featuring in our 2020 Swimwear collection. Take a walk on the wild side, and let your inner animal out with these trendy swimsuits that will be the talk of the beach this summer. You will love the extra spice that an animal print swimsuit will add to your swimwear wardrobe.

We are featuring a few animal print styles in our 2020 Collection that you are sure to love. First, we have the Sublime Feline Crossover one piece swimsuit. This gorgeous animal print one piece is wrapped to perfection in slimming layers of feline print fabric with cheeky mesh cut outs. Another featured animal print swimsuit is the Blue Tide Justina tankini top from Magicsuit. This vibrant top adds a blue twist to the traditional feline print, so that you can stand out on the beach this summer.

2020 Miraclesuit Sublime Feline Crossover One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Magicsuit Blue Tide Justina Tankini Top

8) Bold Patterns

Keeping with the print patterns, another trend we are seeing in 2020 will be bold geometric patterns. These styles are great for adding intrigue and a splash of color to your swimwear wardrobe. They also help to slim and enhance your figure, depending on what you are looking for. A pattern can emphasize your features or take attention away from them. Bold patterns are very versatile.

At Miraclesuit, we are featuring quite a few bold patterns in our 2020 Swimwear Collection. One of our favorites is the Mosaica pattern, which features an amazing pattern of geometric shapes and bold, blue hues. This gorgeous pattern is available in our strapless Seville one piece and the classic Escape one piece. Both of these styles are sure to stand out this year.

2020 Miraclesuit Mosaica Seville One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Miraclesuit Mosaica Escape One Piece Swimsuit

9) High Necklines

Nothing adds a touch of class to your swimwear look like a high neckline. They are great for slimming and concealing the upper body and bust, giving you a sleek all over look. Plus they look great on everyone! That is why we think they will be a hot swimwear trend in 2020. Flattering coverage and instant elegance are tough to beat.

We have quite a few high neck swimsuits in our 2020 Swimsuit Collection that are made to provide a beautiful silhouette that only a high neck swimsuit can bring. The Miraclesuit Arden one piece swimsuit keeps things classy with a sleek wrapped style, and a gorgeous keyhole cutout in the high neckline. If you’re looking for something a little more flowy, the Miraclesuit Mirage top is just the thing. This top has a high neckline that is set off with flowing drapes of fabric that add just the right amount of coverage. Check out these styles today!

2020 Miraclesuit Arden One Piece Swimsuit 2020 Miraclesuit Mirage Tankini Top

10) High Waisted Swim Bottoms

To round the list of 2020 swimwear trends, we have high waisted swim bottoms. These swim bottoms are always a great choice, and they have been trending for a while now. We think that will continue into the New Year because they look fabulous. At Miraclesuit we have quite a few high waisted swim bottom options that will help slim and shape. Check out either our High Waist Brief or our High Waist Pant , and find the perfect pairing for a gorgeous tankini top.

2020 Miraclesuit Classic Brief High Waisted Swim Bottom 2020 Miraclesuit Basic Pant High Waisted Swim Bottom

There are a ton of swimwear trends to look out for in 2020, and we hope that this list helped you narrow down the look you want to find in the New Year. At Miraclesuit we pride ourselves in creating trendy swimwear that all women can feel great in and look their best in. You deserve a fresh look this summer, so why not try a Miraclesuit!