Magicsuit Swim Dresses

Bianca One Piece Romper Swimsuit
KM 430,00 BAM
JamSapphireMerlotBlackPalmHibiscusGuava+ 4 more
Mila One Piece Romper Swimsuit
KM 402,00 BAM
SapphireBlackMilitaryMidnightIndigoPeacock+ 3 more
Yvonne Swim Dress
KM 420,00 BAM
NavyBlackCrimsonUltramarine+ 1 more
Celine One Piece Swimsuit
KM 425,00 BAM
BlackJamCoral RosePalmCherrySapphire+ 3 more

Stylish Magicsuit Swim Dresses

Feel great in our flattering and elegant Magicsuit swim dresses. We believe that the best swim dresses are those that fit your
body, and accentuate your curves while covering up what you want to be covered.

Magicsuit swim dresses offer a great and comfortable alternative for those who may not feel too confident in the traditional bathing suit. We’ve curated the best styles, prints, patterns, and colors for you to choose from. Our swim dresses will last season after season and provide the engineering and support women need without sacrificing style.