Strapless Swimsuits

Strapless Bathing Suits

If you’re looking to add something new to your swimwear wardrobe, look no further than our bandeau swimsuit styles. These suits are built to add curves to your upper body while slenderizing the tummy and hips. Draw wanted attention to your shoulder line, and flaunt your beach figure with confidence in any of our strapless bathing suit styles. Miraclesuits are designed to instantly give you that sleek look you want. They are built to last with our special fabric blend, created to slim and accentuate your silhouette in all the right ways. These styles are also perfect for combatting tan lines.

Our bandeau bathing suits come in a variety of fashionable styles. Looking for something classic? We have sultry solids with subtle fabric shirring and elegant draping to give you an incredibly slim appearance. Or spice things up with a bold pattern and add just the right amount of pop and pizazz to your beach getaway. If you’re looking for even more slenderizing power, we have tops with beautifully flowing fabric lays that discreetly control your tummy and hide your hips. You’ll be sure to have all eyes on you as you stroll down the shore this swim season. Pair your strapless suit with one of our cover ups for a complete swimwear look that will last for many swim seasons to come.