What's the Difference Between Miraclesuit and Magicsuit?

We get this question a lot: “What is the difference between Miraclesuit and Magicsuit?” To be fair, both swimwear brands have a lot in common.

We think our friend at Romy Raves says it best.

“What I love about Magicsuit, the fashion forward hipper sister brand to the well-known Miraclesuit, is that the quality of this swimwear is top notch, the designs are on trend in a retro sort of way and that these suits hug and smooth your body in all the right places making you look slimmer, more svelte and feel sexy and confident.“

While Miraclesuit is a lot like Magicsuit and is the gold standard when it comes to slimming women’s swimwear, there are some differences between Miraclesuit swimsuits and Magicsuit swimsuits that you should be aware of. Hopefully this article helps you spot the differences in our brands and gives you a better idea which swimsuits are right for you!

The first, and most important thing, is that both Miraclesuit and Magicsuit are made with quality shaping fabric. Both swimwear brands feature gorgeous tummy control and fit features, but most of the differences lay in how much oomph those fit features and tummy control fabric pack. Miraclesuit brings out all the stops when it comes to helping slim and shape, while Magicsuit takes a bit of a lighter, more subtle approach. Here are a few examples that show how both Miraclesuit and Magicsuit handle the fit.

Miraclesuit Must Have Oceanus One Piece Swimsuit

The Miraclesuit Must Haves Oceanus One Piece Swimsuit is a favorite for a reason. This timeless yet stylish silhouette is the quintessential one-piece swimsuit. A gorgeous soft cup bra can accommodate up to a D-Cup and gives comfortable, all-day support. Fixed straps provide an amazingly secure fit and lead to a delightful v-neckline. Going down this one-piece, a gorgeous tummy control wrap gives your figure a quick shape up in an instant. This one-piece swimsuit shows off all that Miraclesuit is great for: bold fit features and sumptuous style all in a complete swimwear package. The stronger fit features help keep your figure exactly how you want it to wear after wear.

But don’t just take our word for it. Brianne Manz from Stroller in the City raves, “I tried a few one-piece styles from the Miraclesuit Swimsuit line, and they proved to be a major game-changer.” The Oceanus is a classic staple from Miraclesuit, and it’s the perfect game-changing swimsuit to give your figure and your swimsuit style a boost.

Magicsuit Solid Yvonne One Piece Swim Dress

While Miraclesuit’s fit features are amazing, sometimes you don’t want all of those features weighing down your look, and that’s where Magicsuit comes in. A perfect example of the lighter shaping features that Magicsuit has to offer is the Magicsuit Solid Yvonne One Piece Swimdress. This swimdress evokes a retro swimwear style while staying easy and carefree. A soft cup bra gives you easy and breezy comfortable support. A halter strap and skirted leg cut, let you handle any swimwear day without any kind of worry. This style perfectly shows Magicsuit’s fun and functional style when it comes to designing swimwear. With more of a focus on lighter shaping and a breezier style, the Magicsuit Yvonne is a perfect swimsuit for women looking for a swimsuit with full coverage with lighter fit features.

Another slight difference between Miraclesuit and Magicsuit is in the style. Where Miraclesuit is a bit more luxe and sophisticated, Magicsuit looks to be more sleek, subtle, and carefree. Magicsuit is made for the fun-loving girl in all of us, and it is made to bring out an easygoing carefree vibe. Miraclesuit looks to make a statement, and they provide a lot of sophisticated swimsuits that play up your curves and best assets in all the right ways. Both swimsuit brands are great at what they do, but it really just depends on your style or what you want out of a swimsuit. A Miraclesuit might be great for a luxury cruise or a late-night swimwear soiree. A Magicsuit may be perfect for a fun-filled day on the beach or a day at the pool with friends or family. The choice is yours and that is why Miraclesuit and Magicsuit create a wide variety of swimsuits to choose from, so you can find a slimming swimsuit that suits your style as much as it shapes your figure.

Miraclesuit Solid Gandolf One Piece Swimsuit

A style that shows off some of the bold fashion and fit features that Miraclesuit is known for is the Miraclesuit Solid Gandolf One Piece Swimsuit. A stunning one-piece swimsuit, this striking slimming bathing suit features a fully supportive molded cup underwire bra, which leads to an eye-catching scalloped sweetheart neckline. Tummy control fabric holds you in and makes this shapewear swimsuit complete. This luxurious one-piece is everything you could ever want in a supportive swimsuit, and that’s what Miraclesuit offers: the finest fit with the finest styles. The Miraclesuit Solid Gandolf is the perfect example of the glam style that Miraclesuit is known for, and something that makes it just a bit different from Magicsuit. Bigger and bolder styles that pack a punch when it comes to fit.

Magicsuit Modern Romance Natalie One Piece Swimsuit

While Miraclesuit is all glam and luxe, a swimsuit from Magicsuit that really shows off the carefree and fun style that separates itself from Miraclesuit is the Magicsuit Modern Romance Natalie One Piece Swimsuit. This floral print swimsuit features a unique cap sleeve look that looks beautiful on everyone and gives you a secure and worry-free fit. When paired with medium control fabric and a soft cup bra, this one-piece swimsuit becomes the complete Magicsuit swimwear package, and it is a great example of the style that makes Magicsuit unique from Miraclesuit. A sleek one-piece swimsuit with subtle style touches that create an easygoing and fun-loving look for all women who want to feel great about themselves in their swimsuit. Both brands are fantastic, shaping swimsuits, but they are two different brands for a reason. 

So as you can see there are plenty of similarities and differences between Miraclesuit and Magicsuit. Both are amazing slimming swimsuit brands that offer a ton of gorgeous swimsuits made to shape and slim, but the differences come in the fit and fashion. Miraclesuit has all of the bells and whistles when it comes to luxe and sophisticated styles and fit features. Magicsuit on the other hand is a little more sleek and relaxed in style and fit features, but still a perfect swimwear option for any woman looking for some subtle, fun-loving swimwear that is made to fit and flatter. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.

How do the shaping and slimming effects compare between Miraclesuit and Magicsuit?

When comparing the shaping and slimming effects between Miraclesuit and Magicsuit, there are distinct differences in their approach. Miraclesuit stands out for its renowned extra firm control and specialized design features, aimed at providing maximum slimming and shaping support. The material used in Miraclesuit swimwear is often thicker than average, ensuring everything stays firmly in place, as attested by some users. Additionally, Miraclesuit extends its shaping solutions beyond swimsuits to include shapewear bodysuits, shaping camisoles, and control briefs.

On the other hand, Magicsuit offers a softer level of control coupled with a more contemporary style. While still providing effective shaping, Magicsuit swimwear tends to emphasize a modern aesthetic, often available in a wide range of solid colors. This contemporary approach appeals to those seeking a sleek and stylish look while enjoying the benefits of slimming swimwear.