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With over 800 styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a comfortable tankini or one piece swimsuit that highlights all your curves and leaves you feeling and looking amazing.  

Tummy Control Swimsuits: Tummy troubles will be a thing of the past with these tummy control one piece slimming bathing suits. Get that beautifully slim figure instantly, and look great in a trendy bathing suit made to catch everyone’s attention. Shirred waistlines and solid colors might be your go-to classics. But for those of you looking for a swimsuit that can double as a bodysuit, well, we've got you covered. Check out our Shapewear Swimsuits, and see if you love them as bodysuits.

Flattering Tankini Top: If you’re looking for a two piece swimwear look, a flattering tankini top or bikini top from Miraclesuit can work wonders. With flowy fabric layering and flattering necklines, these gorgeous tankinis perfectly compliment your figure.

High Waist Swim Bottoms: The swim bottom is an overlooked part of a swimsuit, but these tummy control high waist swimsuit bottoms are hard to miss. Discover our wide range of trimshaper bathing suit bottoms and high waisted bikini bottom styles to compliment your curves. With powerful tummy slimming fabric, each bikini bottom, swim skirt, or swim shorts will subtly shape and slim to give you a seamless and elegant full coverage look.

Are the Miraclesuit bathing suits true to size?

Yes, typically Miraclesuit bathing suits are true to size, but finding the perfect fit involves more than just the numerical size. Miraclesuit offers a diverse range of swimsuits tailored to accommodate various body types, including plus sizes and D-Cup swimwear. For first-time buyers, it's suggested to consider sizing up 1-2 sizes due to the snug fit of Miraclesuit's designs.