June 26

The Best Slimming Two Piece Swimwear Looks from Miraclesuit

We’re featuring a swim category that can be a source of anxiety and dread for a lot of women: two piece swimwear. But fear not! At Miraclesuit we make slimming two piece swimwear styles that are made to fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Say goodbye to skimpy and poorly fitted bikinis and swim bottoms. Keep reading for some style inspo for a two piece swimsuit look that you can feel good about. When you feel good, you look good, and that is why we make plenty of two piece swimwear styles with lots of fit features. See what a new two piece look can do for you!

We have plenty of swim separates to choose from at Miraclesuit, all of them coming with amazing construction and superior style. How many times have your swimsuits stretched out or bunched up or faded with time? It’s the worst. At Miraclesuit we make swimsuits with premium shaping fabric and timeless styles, both made to withstand the test of time. Check out some of our classic tankini tops, bra size bikini tops, and high waisted swim bottoms to find a two piece swimsuit that is right for you.

Tankini Tops

A Tankini Top is a great way to get a two piece look without sacrificing a lot of the benefits of a one piece swimsuit. If you like coverage, these tops have it all. Plus you can get the same comfort and breathability of a bikini top with showing near as much skin. These tankinis are some of our favorites, but you can find more here.

Miraclesuit Mirage Tankini Top

The first tankini on the list, the Miraclesuit Mirage Tankini Top is an instant favorite. Lined with marvelous mesh detail at the bust, this tankini top is a surefire way to get the most out of your swimwear. The higher scoop neckline and hidden underwire bra lead to adjustable shoulder straps that help you get a comfortable fit that is right for you. Front shirring and asymmetric hems tame the tummy and whittle the waist. Elongate your torso while concealing any imperfections in fabric designed to move with your unique shape. You can’t go wrong with this tankini top.

Magicsuit Solid Rita Tankini Top

From our sister brand Magicsuit, we have another great tankini top, the Magicsuit Solid Rita Tankini Top. This gorgeous tankini top takes your two piece look to the next level thanks to its distinctive front ruffles. A flowy silhouette takes all the attention away from any insecurity, slimming to perfection. Thin yet supportive, adjustable shoulder straps lead to a full straight back. Superior comfortable control fabric leaves your unending support and confidence for hours spent in the sun. This tankini is perfect for anything day at the beach can bring all summer long.

Miraclesuit Pin Pointe Love Knot Top

Last but not least on the list of tankini tops, we have the Miraclesuit Pin Pointe Love Knot Top. This classic swim top features a timeless print pattern of lovely polka dots. Get a cute swim top without revealing too much, and get a fit that is right for you. This tankini comes complete with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline that tastefully accentuates the bust. An underwire bra insert gives you all the comfortable support you could ever need. The Love Knot Tankini has always been a favorite of ours, and it is sure to become one of your favorites too!

Bikini Tops

Bikinis are challenging. They can be a little too skimpy and a little too revealing for a lot of women to feel truly comfortable in them. At Miraclesuit we think a bikini top should be a little bit more. That is why we add plenty of coverage and fit features into our bikini tops, so you can feel confident rocking a new two piece swimwear look. We also add easy bra sizing, and we make bikinis for women with larger bust sizes, D-Cup and up. Get a premium fitted bikini top made to help you feel sexy on the beach.

Miraclesuit Solid Surplice Underwire Bra Top

First up on the list of bikinis, we have a sophisticated bikini top that is made to look timeless. It’s the Miraclesuit Solid Surplice Top. This bikini top boasts adjustable shoulder straps with added embellishments for flirtatious fun in the sun. The hidden underwire keeps the bust fully supported while distinct wrapping keeps all eyes enviously on you. Take your two piece swimsuit wardrobe to the next level of support and flattery, and get a ton of timeless retro style in this gorgeous bikini.

Miraclesuit D-Cup Basilisk Plunge Bra Top

If you want a little something extra, then check out the always-vibrant Miraclesuit Basilisk Plunge Bra Top. This little number features adjustable shoulder straps with added embellishments for flirtatious fun in the sun. The foam cup/hidden underwire keeps the bust fully supported while distinct wrapping keeps all eyes enviously on you. Our seductive snakeskin inspired print of navy, teal and olive green hues form a most perfect combination of slimming hues. If you want to make a statement, then this bikini is the swim to do it in.

Miraclesuit Spotted Surplice Bra Top

Step out of your comfort zone and into pure confidence in the Miraclesuit Spotted Surplice Bra Top. This supportive bikini top shows off a gorgeous polka dot inspired pattern. Thicker set, adjustable shoulder straps are highlighted by blonde rose gold hardware and lead to a voluptuous neckline and wrapped bust. An underwire molded foam cup fully supports and enhances your natural shape, no matter the size. This top is the perfect way to add some intrigue to your new two piece look.

High Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms

So by now you should have the perfect swim top in mind, but you need one more piece to make your two piece swimwear look complete. You need a high waisted swim bottom to give your hips and waist the flattering fit that they deserve. A high waist swim bottom is the perfect way to get tummy control and shaping in a stylish and comfortable look. Top off your perfect two piece swimsuit with the perfect swim bottom!

Miraclesuit Foldover High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

First up on the list, we have a swim bottom that is the do-it-all style that you’ve been looking for. It’s the Miraclesuit Foldover High Waisted Bikini Bottoms, and it’s here to give you all the coverage and shaping you could ever want. The fold-over appeal provides full coverage and a little sassy appeal to this undeniably slim swim bottom. A solid black is perfect to match with most swim tops, letting you mix and match to your heart’s content.

Miraclesuit Solid Norma-Jean Retro Bottom

A swim bottom inspired by endless style icons and adored by swim fans everywhere, the Miraclesuit Solid Norma-Jean Retro Swim Bottom epitomize timeless design. This surprisingly flattering piece properly hugs your curves while showing off just enough. One of Miraclesuit's absolute finest, this amazing swim bottom caters to a variety of waistlines, featuring an all-over control retro-style fitted to your natural waist with soft, shirred draping, making ultra-modern design details look simply effortless. If you’re looking for some retro flare to add to your look, this swim bottom is sure to please.

Magicsuit High Waisted Pant Tummy Control Swim Bottom

Last on our list is a swim bottom designed to excel at tummy control. It’s the Magicsuit High Waisted Pant Tummy Control Swim Bottom, and it is designed to lay flat under any tankini top. This high rise top is perfect for trimming the tummy and minimizing the waist, so you can get the figure that you’ve always wanted. Fully covered elastic waistband and super soft yet supportive stretch material will leave you begging for just one more hour under the sun.

Shopping for a two piece swimwear look does not have to be a daunting task. With these helpful tips and all of the gorgeous swim tops and swim bottoms at Miraclesuit, you can find a two piece swimsuit that will be perfect for you. Know that you can’t go wrong with any of these styles. Show off your inner beauty and radiate confidence this swim season thanks to any of these amazing two piece looks.