February 15th

What is a Full Coverage Swimsuit? Discover the Benefits.

Spring is approaching, and soon it will be time to start preparing for those warm, sunny days at the beach or poolside. This means finding the perfect swimsuit that not only flatters your body but also provides comfort and allows you to fully enjoy your time in the sun. With endless swimsuit styles on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one that caters to your comfort and style needs. One category gaining noticeable momentum is the full coverage swimsuit, particularly among Miraclesuit customers. 

As a leading swimwear brand, Miraclesuit constantly monitors market trends and continuously evolves to cater to their audience's style preferences. In this blog post, we will delve into the full coverage swimsuit concept, exploring what it is and why it is capturing the hearts and wardrobes of Miraclesuit customers.

Dive in with us as we continue to discuss the benefits of full coverage swimsuits, along with some style recommendations that will keep you looking fabulous and feeling confident all summer long. From bust support and tummy control to an extensive variety of designs and patterns, stick around as we reveal the secrets behind the thriving popularity of full coverage swimsuits among Miraclesuit customers.

The Power of Coverage: Confidence Redefined

A significant advantage of full coverage swimsuits for Miraclesuit customers is the confidence boost these suits provide. Revealing less skin doesn't mean sacrificing style or sexiness; instead, it means owning your body and showcasing it in a way that makes you the most comfortable. By offering more coverage, these swimsuits give you the assurance you need to strut your stuff along the shorelines. Full coverage options such as high-neck one-pieces, high-waisted bottoms, andswim dresses are stylish choices that provide additional support and security while embodying the same level of chicness associated with more revealing swimsuits.

Full Coverage Swimwear Functionality Meets Style

In addition to the increased confidence that comes from wearing a full coverage swimsuit, these designs also prioritize functionality. More coverage provides added protection from excessive sun exposure, and who doesn't want a reprieve from sunburn while still enjoying sun-kissed summer days? Full coverage swimsuits are also ideal for those who love engaging in water sports such as beach volleyball, windsurfing, or paddleboarding. The added securitization they offer enables easy and unrestricted movement without wardrobe complications getting in your way.

Different Styles, All the Coverage: Choose What Works for You

One remarkable aspect of the full coverage swimsuit trend is the variety of styles that cater to the diverse preferences of Miraclesuit customers. There is a swimsuit for everyone, thanks to the plethora of designs available. Here are some of the most popular full coverage swimsuit styles:

The High-Neck One-Piece

This style provides increased coverage in the chest area while beautifully enhancing necklines and cleverly incorporating patterns and designs without compromising on comfort or style.

High-Waisted Bikinis

These bottoms are known for their waist-cinching capabilities and lower abdomen coverage. They are a flattering option for those who wish to flaunt their figures without baring it all.

Swim Dresses and Skirts

These designs provide coverage around the hip and thigh areas while keeping you on-trend with fashionable prints and designs. Not to mention, they're an ideal option for transitioning from the beach to the boardwalk with ease.


These two-piece swimsuits combine the coverage of a one-piece with the versatility of a bikini. Mix and match tops and bottoms to create your custom swimsuit that offers the desired coverage and style.

Cut-outs and Mesh Panels

These swimsuits with strategically placed cut-outs and mesh panels in areas that maintain modesty while adding a touch of allure. Moreover, mesh panels work wonders in offering added coverage in a sleek, trendy manner.

Support and Control: The Art of Shaping Confidence

Full coverage swimsuits, especially in the Miraclesuit line, are often designed with built-in support and control elements such as tummy control panels and underwire bras. These features instill confidence by smoothing and shaping your silhouette, making you feel supported and secure in your swimwear. Miraclesuit's shaping technology, such as the Miratex fabric, keeps you feeling confident and looking fabulous. Designed with three times the spandex content of average swimwear, the Miratex fabric ensures powerful shaping control without the need for uncomfortable, constraining panels or linings.

Embrace the Full Coverage Swimsuit Movement

The growing popularity in the full coverage swimsuit trend is no fluke. Offering an assortment of benefits including boosted confidence, functionality, variety in style, and support and control, full coverage swimsuits certainly prove their rightful place in the swimwear market, and they’re here to stay.