Swimsuits with more coverage and longer length

High Neck Swimsuits: Lengthen and Conceal

One of the hottest trends in women’s swimwear in 2021 is high neck styles. Miraclesuit.com brings you this high fashion look in both Magicsuit and Miraclesuit swimsuits, which include many other incredible characteristics. Built with your shape in mind, all high neck swimsuits feature a neckline set right about the décolletage. Straps range from thin and adjustable to either thicker one sided or thick fixed. Select halter inspired designs have many slimming benefits. Each high neck swimsuit continues to be constructed with the utmost quality control fabric, Miratex, which contributes to the shape and support of your overall silhouette. This unique proprietary fabric gives you the figure flattering details you are looking for as it offers almost twice the Lycra content as most swimwear and three times the holding power. If you are looking for a slenderizing, supportive fit with full comfort control, Miraclesuit and Magicsuit’s High Neck swimsuits are your answer. Our high neck swimsuits provide an instant lift to the shoulders, bust, arms and even your face. Hold your head up high and keep your posture in tact with a slimming swimsuit designed to do this work for you. If you are a full busted woman looking for additional support in your swimsuit, a high neck is one of your best options as it fully supports cup sizes A, B, C, D, DD and even DDD/E-Cups. Although each high neck swimsuit has a neckline that falls around the same place, each suit is still unique in that each offer options depending on the type of strap and where the suit lands in the back. We make sure our high necklines give the wearer the fit and support she wants and needs while still achieving that great look and superior style. Higher necklines support larger busts while providing a sleek, modern look. They also offer added sun protection for the chest. From wrapping to shirring to ruching, each high neck swimsuit showcases a unique design whether by one of these types of fabrics or a sleek, bold design. Some suits wrap diagonally across the chest to minimize the bust – another fabulous feature of high neck swimsuits. Depending on the size of your bust, if you are looking to minimize, Miraclesuit and Magicsuit high neck swimsuits offer an extreme yet totally comfortable and breathable holding power to minimize the appearance of a larger set chest while keeping you confident and completely in control. Every slimming swimsuit of ours does double the work for your day in the sun! Strapping detail, mesh outline, keyholes, studded embellishments, double thin straps, and adjustable ruching are some of the amazing qualities high neck swimsuits hold. You don’t have to hold back to achieve the perfect swimsuit status when choosing a high neck swimsuit. All of our high neck swimsuits are available in a variety of misses sizes in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 as well as plus sizes 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W and 24W. You might have thought these types of slimming swimwear would only be available in one-piece swimsuits, but Miraclesuit offers a wide assortment of high neck tankini tops and cover-ups as well, all helping you achieve the same look, slimmed appeal and crave-able comfort. Our high neck swimwear styles will also elongate your torso while minimizing your waist and offering the ultimate in tummy control. With so many different prints, colors, and sizes you are sure to find the perfect high neck swimsuit here at Miraclesuit.com and have it shipped to you free.