Tummy Control Swimsuits


Miraclesuit is the Best Swimsuit for Tummy Control

Miraclesuit makes the best tummy control swimsuits on the market today. You will not find any swimwear with the ability to hold you in like a Miraclesuit. Full of powerful shaping technology, each Miraclesuit swimsuit features Miratex, a specially engineered hybrid fabric with the truly unique ability to shape a woman comfortably.

The exclusive combination of high stretch and high shaping power not only delivers the promise that every swimsuit will help you look “10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds,” but it will deliver all-day comfort and control from sand to swim to everywhere in between!

The power of Miratex contours all over while the stretch allows complete freedom of movement in your swimsuit. Specializing in sizes ranging from 8-24W, Miraclesuit and Magicsuit brands fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Striking floral, dotted, and geometric print designs act as attention-grabbing features, helping to conceal and cover for all-day control. Our exclusive fabric is crafted to comfortably support, slim, and shape wear after wear.

Miraclesuit swimwear offers the ultimate in control, while Magicsuit swimwear offers moderate tummy control with a similar feel and complete comfort level. Every one-piece swimsuit offers the best control for your tummy while our tankini tops and bottoms offer a perfect combination of control and flexibility while distinct design details and color options do the work of concealing. Miraclesuit bottoms lay slightly higher than your average swim bottom giving you that extra help you may need, as well as our high-waisted bottoms for ultimate tummy control when wearing a tankini top.

Swimwear shopping should be fun and certainly not a dreaded task. Miraclesuit tummy control swimsuits will help you feel confident, stylish, and sexy. We love helping you feel better about the shape you are in – no matter the size – and offering you the endless benefits of where to minimize, control, or even accentuate. Try a Miraclesuit or Magicsuit today!



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